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Case Study: “The team at Wast Hills were amazing”

Following the breakdown of a community placement, the treatment, care and support a person received during a six-week stay at Cygnet Wast Hills specialist autism high dependency complex care service has been praised by commissioners.

Andrew* was admitted to Cygnet Wast Hills, which supports people with an autism spectrum condition and additional complex needs, where the team’s support “exceeded expectations” and enabled him to move back to the least restrictive environment within six weeks.

Arriving as an emergency admission at 11pm, Andrew’s medication was immediately reviewed to ensure his care was in line with NHS England’s STOMP (stopping the over medication of people with a learning disability, autism or both) project. When he arrived at Cygnet Wast Hills, Andrew had 2:1 support both day and night, but the team were able to soon reduce this to 1:1 observations.

Within a week of Andrew arriving, he had a number of assessments that allowed the team to make the necessary changes to his treatment and support. This included medication reviews, a review of Andrew’s physical health, a communication assessment and the development of an individualised meaningful activity timetable.

Within 4 weeks of admission the team has completed further assessments, including a review of Andrew’s mental health and wellbeing, a sensory assessment to support his discharge to the community, a further physical review and a functional assessment of behaviour.

There was a continual review of Andrew’s medication throughout his time at Cygnet Wast Hills, which resulted in numerous changes to support him to be taking the least amount of medication necessary.

The feedback from the Chair of Andrew’s CTR said, “I am delighted and feel the team at Wast were amazing. We had hoped for a quick turnaround to support Andrew to return to the community and the team at Wast Hills exceeded expectations.”

The panel formally complimented Cygnet Wast Hills on the outstanding assessment and treatment Andrew received.

The Chair added, “We have given Cygnet Wast Hills ‘5 stars’, however there needs to be a new category of ‘5 star +’ due to them going above and beyond what is expected. We will be feeding back the excellent practice at Cygnet Wast Hills to NHS England.”

Andrew was discharged from Cygnet Wast Hills after six weeks, returning to a community placement.

*Name changed for anonymity

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