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Therapy Department

The Therapy Department at Cygnet Hospital Wyke provides a programme of care which is tailored to serve the specific needs of our service user group. This programme of care is informed by evidence based practice and is designed in collaboration with our service users.

Our overall philosophy is to contribute to the lives of those entrusted to our care by providing therapies which encourage a culture of self-sufficiency and independence. The Therapy department consists of many different professions which include:

Psychotherapy and Psychology

Here at Cygnet Hospital Wyke, we have a full time Consultant Psychotherapist and two full time Assistant Psychologists working across all wards. We provide individual and group sessions using different models of therapy (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Dialectical Behavioural Therapy, Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy) to help improve service users mental health symptoms and increase overall wellbeing.

The team believe service users are the experts in their own care we will work collaboratively with them and the nursing team to create a shared understanding of why they have come into hospital so that we can provide the most appropriate support and/ or treatment based on their current needs.

Individually, the team do this by exploring with individuals the five key areas related to their current crisis to understand why they are feeling the way they are and what’s keeping the problem going. From this, we can then develop and implement specific strategies to help manage or change difficult and challenging thoughts, feelings and behaviours that treat the problem.

In groups, the team offer a range of Low Intensity CBT and DBT informed coping skills and psycho-educational sessions such as managing anxiety, improving mood, improving sleep, managing distressing voices and managing stress. They also offer daily Mindfulness Practice sessions.

Individuals can be referred to the psychology team via board round, ward round or any formal or informal staff discussion and directly by themselves.

The team work closely with the wider staff team by providing consultation, reflective practice sessions which are open to clinical and non-clinical staff and support the debriefing sessions. They also provide psychological resources to help improve the general wellbeing of staff to help reduce anxiety, stress and burnout.

Social Work

Social Work is an important part of the Multi-Disciplinary approach at Cygnet Hospital Wyke. Social Workers help service users deal with a variety of issues within the context of Statutory Mental Health legislation and Safeguarding guidelines. They also use their therapeutic skills in order to facilitate improvements in our service users’ lives, for example helping the service user to become more empowered.

The role also involves problem solving and enhancing well-being by working with individuals and their families. This contributes to the Care Programme Approach of care delivery and can improve quality of life for both service users and their carers.

Occupational Therapy

The Occupational Therapists provide structured care for clients across all the wards at Cygnet Hospital Wyke. They specialise in the improvement and maintenance of function within the domains of work, self-care and leisure. Psychiatric illnesses often impair service users’ ability to perform their roles effectively within the community. For this reason, vocational, cognitive and psycho-social rehabilitation are necessary to enable the service user to be effectively reintegrated into the community.

Occupational Therapists and Therapy Assistants work with service users on an individual basis in order to identify their strengths and limitations. Specific Interventions are then planned.

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