Cygnet Hospital Wyke

Blankney Grange, Huddersfield Road, Wyke, Bradford, BD12 8LR

Cygnet Hospital Wyke
Cygnet Hospital Wyke offers a range of mental health services for men including acute and psychiatric intensive care along with a specialist locked service for older men who continue to present behavioural challenges.

Our integrated care pathway allows transition to a lower level of security enabling service users to move from Secure Commissioned services, to our CCG funded locked rehabilitation service, Cygnet Lodge Brighouse.

“I have visited Wyke on a number of occasions and I do not hand out platitudes for the sake of it, but sometimes you walk into a place and get a good feeling about the care that goes on there…..Wyke is one of those places.”Locality Manager

The hospital sits in more than three acres of grounds, which are quiet and private. The environment at Cygnet Hospital Wyke is purpose built and is close to the M62 (J26), being placed on the border of Bradford and Calderdale.

Courtyard and basketball court at Cygnet Hospital Wyke.

Services at Cygnet Hospital Wyke

Cygnet Hospital Wyke in the news

Cygnet Hospital Wyke

Reduction in Enhanced Observations at Cygnet Hospital Wyke

In an aim to reduce restrictive practice, reduce agency usage and provide a higher standard of care; Cygnet Hospital Wyke's male PICU service, Austen Ward, have been trying to ensure no enhanced observations are used to manage violent and aggressive behaviour.

Occupational Therapy Week 2016

To celebrate Occupational Therapy Week OT's across Cygnet promoted the profession to support the theme of the week Occupational Therapy as a Career.

Beach party celebrates official opening of new garden at Cygnet Hospital Wyke

On 10th August 2016 Cygnet Hospital Wyke hosted a fun beach-themed party to celebrate the opening of the new, improved garden at the hospital. Staff and service users were encouraged to dress in summer wear for the day’s event and a former service user was invited back to give a speech and cut the ribbon.