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Greenacre Ward – Men’s Low Secure

Greenacre Ward is our male low secure service. Men on Greenacre may experience behaviours that are challenging, including self-harm or aggression and may be considered a risk to others or have been involved in the criminal justice system.

Acorn Ward – Female PICU

Acorn Ward, our 10 bed female PICU service, accepts emergency and crisis admissions. Referrals can come to us from all areas, including acute and prison services.

Picasso Ward – Acute Service for Women

Picasso Ward at Cygnet Hospital Woking is a 19 bed female mental health acute service. The service provides a safe and stabilising environment for women who are experiencing an acute episode of mental illness and require an emergency admission.

Oaktree Ward – Women’s Low Secure

Oaktree Ward is our female low secure service, where women can receive assessment and treatment for mental illness; we can also work with women who need more intensive rehabilitation.