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Therapy Department

Stevenage (224)

The Therapies Team at Cygnet Hospital Stevenage consists of clinical and forensic psychologists, assistant psychologists, occupational therapists, occupational therapy assistants, fitness instructors, and a tutor.

The team works together to provide a holistic approach to our service users, addressing their psychological needs alongside promoting daily living skills, education and employment opportunities. The hospital is geared towards working within a recovery model to encourage the social wellbeing of service users and enabling them to achieve personal independence. The Therapies Department work collaboratively with individual service users as well as their full care network to enhance mental health, re-integration into the community and quality of life.

All members of the Therapies Team work together to design, re-design as needed and deliver a comprehensive and co-ordinated therapies programme tailored to patient needs. The programme includes off-ward, mixed ward, as well as on-ward, groups and individual therapy to answer to the standards set for low and medium secure psychiatric hospitals. The work of the Therapies Department is evidence-based practice and is designed and adjusted in collaboration with service users.

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