Cygnet Lodge Kewstoke – Women’s High Dependency Inpatient Rehabilitation

Cygnet Lodge Kewstoke is a high dependency inpatient rehabilitation service for women, providing a recovery focused care pathway for service users who have been in hospital for an extended period of time and who are preparing for community life before discharge. We are able to support up to 12 women who may have a range of mental health difficulties, including personality disorder or mild eating disorders. The service can also support women with a personality disorder and a mild learning disability (as a secondary diagnosis).

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As an intensive community rehabilitation service, Cygnet Lodge Kewstoke is separate from the main hospital. It provides the next step in the care pathway from the female low secure and personality disorder wards, or can act as a step up from community placements which may have broken down.

“I’ve always been treated very well, so I do speak very highly of the hospital, staff, O.T and therapists, I’ve never been so well in my life. I’m privileged to be here.”Service user, Cygnet Lodge Kewstoke

This means service users can test their independence while still being in a safe environment – with the advantage of continuing to have access to a full multi-disciplinary team.

The service uses the My Shared Pathway approach, working collaboratively with the service user and the care team to establish clear goals from the beginning of treatment. This ensures that we are able to provide a person-centred approach, as well as providing a clear focus to treatment in order to minimise length of stay.

“I’ve received loads of help. All the staff were friendly and kind.”Service user, Cygnet Lodge Kewstoke

Service users coming to Cygnet Lodge Kewstoke will have individualised and goal-directed plans in recovery, rehabilitation and therapy. Using a whole systems approach to recovery, the individual’s quality of life and social inclusion opportunities will be maximised. This is carried out through an extensive therapy programme that encourages the use of independent living skills and promotes autonomy, decision making and choice.

Service users at Cygnet Lodge Kewstoke have support from the full multi-disciplinary team with a range of interventions available that include occupational therapy, psychology, social work, advocacy, IMHAH services and access to a GP.

Our multi-disciplinary team makes use of a broad range of therapies, including CAT, CBT, Schema Therapy, EMDR and DBT that are tailored to individual needs. We run a number of groups, such as a ‘Hearing Voices Group’, which many of our service users find useful as a way to share their experience.

The Lodge also offers an Active Life programme to increase service user understanding of the intrinsic benefits of exercise for supporting sustained mental health recovery. This is achieved through a physical health assessment and a tailored individual care plan.

We also offer a comprehensive programme for those individuals who, as well as having a major mental illness, have abused drugs and/or alcohol. This programme is integrated into the therapeutic programme and is accessible to all service users.

The team also supports the education and career reintegration / development of service users through supporting them to access courses and formal further education at the local college with which we have strong links.


The service’s setting overlooking the Bristol Channel, combined with our large grounds, helps it provide a quiet, calming and therapeutic environment.

Cygnet Lodge Kewstoke

Cygnet Lodge Kewstoke has single en-suite bedrooms, a therapy cabin and spacious social and recreational spaces in a safe, female-friendly environment.

We also have Kewstoke Community Farm on the hospital grounds. This was formed in June 2012 as a joint venture scheme between Cygnet Hospital Kewstoke and Active Arts, a local charity. For more information please visit the Kewstoke Community Farm page.

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