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Meet the Team

Alexander Lawrence - Hospital Manager

Alexander joined Cygnet Health Care in 2015 having studied medicine and went on to successfully completing an MSc in Public Health Management at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. Prior to joining Cygnet he gained experience on co-ordinating a series of global health projects.

Alexander gained further experience having completed the Cygnet Trainee Management Programme in November 2016, working and delivering projects across the company within Sales, HR, Finance and Operations. In February 2017 Alexander recently joined Cygnet Hospital Harrow in overseeing the new project build and operations of the hospital.

Alexander was appointed Hospital Manager of Cygnet Hospital Harrow in May 2018.

Navin Ramgolam - Clinical Manager

Navin has extensive experience in the NHS where he has worked for just over 38 years and worked in mental health for the last 30 years. He has qualifications in General, Learning Disabilities and Mental Health as well as a degree in law (LLB Hons). His vast experience in mental health includes working in various psychiatric hospitals, from managing acute admissions to and setting up new specialist services. His last post was that of Service Manager for all the community mental health services including mental health social services for the London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham.

Navin also practises as a non-legal member of the Employment Tribunals Service based at Watford for the last 10 years.

Tracy Tate – General Manager

Tracy joined Cygnet Hospital Harrow in May 2005. For over 10 years Tracy managed the Administration Department whilst maintaining responsibility for HR within the Hospital.

Tracy was appointed General Manager of Cygnet Hospital Harrow in July 2018 and is responsible for all non-clinical services and operations across the site.

Gerald Mhlanga - Quality and Compliance Lead

Gerald has over 20 years’ experience working in different Mental Health settings. Gerald joined Cygnet Healthcare at Harrow in June 2006, as a Clinical Team Leader on the Low Secure service.

In 2007 Gerald was involved in setting up the Springs Services at Cygnet Hospital Harrow, he was later promoted to be the manager of that service a year later. In 2016, Gerald was appointed the hospital's Clinical Quality and Compliance Lead.

Victoria Bennett - Springs Servcies Manager

Victoria joined Cygnet Hospital Harrow in 2014 as a Team Leader on the Springs Unit. Prior to joining Cygnet Health Care she worked in the NHS covering a broad spectrum of; Acute, ECT (Electroconvulsive Therapy) and Mother and Baby specialist nursing. Victoria became Ward Manger for the Springs Unit and Springs Wing in October 2016.

Jane Wahinya – Spring Centre Ward Manager

Jane Wahinya joined Cygnet in 2012 as a staff nurse and later was promoted to a team leader position in 2015. In 2016, Jane became the ward manager for the Springs Wing and later the ward manager for Springs Centre. In 2018 Jane received the Cygnet Hospital Harrow 'Employee of the Year' award.

Terry Chesworth – Springs Unit Ward Manager

Terry joined Cygnet Hospital Stevenage in 2014 as a staff nurse and then transferred to Cygnet Hospital Harrow, where she become Team Leader in 2016. In March 2018, Terry was appointed Ward Manager of the Springs Unit.

The Springs Unit is proud to have been selected in the pilot of SafeWards as the first ASD specialist unit to be included.

Kris Ramgoolam - Spring Wing Ward Manager

Kris joined Cygnet Hospital Harrow in September 2017. Trained in Mental Health, Learning Disability and Adult Nursing, his practical experience ranges from ward based clinical work to teaching nursing students training to qualify at university diploma / degree level. In addition to gaining a Diploma in Higher Education (Nursing) he has a post graduate master level degree in Health Psychology. He is also an Associate Lecturer with the Open University teaching Psychology to undergraduate students.

Kris’s latest clinical experience since retiring from his Senior Lecturer’s post includes working at Cygnet Hospital Ealing as a Staff Nurse in the Eating Disorders Unit, followed by taking a Clinical Team Leader’s post at Cygnet Lodge Kenton, a locked female rehabilitation unit.

Steve Benson-Cole - Head of Therapy

Steve's background is in counselling with a specialist interest in addictions, working in this field for over 10 years. He gained his MSc in Addiction Psychology and Counselling in 2004 and is a member of the Federation of Drug and Alcohol Professionals and the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy.

Steve is also qualified in Equine Assisted Psychotherapy which utilises horses in both therapeutic and team building processes.

Dr Roz Halari - Consultant Clinical Psychologist

Dr Halari specialises in assessing and treating psychiatric/psychological and developmental disorders; such as psychoses, autism spectrum disorders and personality disorders. In addition, she is a trained clinical hypnotherapist.

In addition to her work as a clinician, Dr Halari is an honorary lecturer at Imperial College London and is involved in academic and clinical research both at Imperial and The Institute of Psychiatry, London. She has published widely in peer reviewed journals in the field of psychology and psychiatry.

Rod Kowald - Health and Safety / Security Lead

Rod qualified as an RMN in 1987 and has worked in a variety of settings in both the NHS and Private Sectors. He has been a trainer in managing violence and aggression since 1995. Since 1997 has been facilitating group therapy within the mental health acute setting.

More recently Rod has gained a Post Graduate Diploma in Human Givens Counselling and qualified as a Chi Kung Practitioner - a Chinese system of healing exercise.

Koren Gibson – Training Co-ordinator

Koren has worked within private healthcare for 6 years and joined Cygnet Hospital Harrow in 2018 as the hospital's Training Co-ordinator. Koren directly oversees training schedules and co-ordinates training activities, ensuring targets and programs are met and delivered on time.

Koren is responsible for providing the best ongoing career development for all staff within Cygnet Hospital Harrow.

Angela Vullo - Accounts Administrator & SRG Chair

Angela joined Cygnet Hospital Harrow in 2003. She joined as a receptionist and then went on to become the Byron Ward Clerk and is now the hospital's Accounts Administrator. Angela has been in the Staff Representative Group (SRG) since 2003 and has chaired the group since 2016. Angela and other SRG members meet once a month to discuss staff issues and concerns. The SRG Team act as a voice for the hospital.

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