Detox 5 – Opiate Detoxification


Detox 5 is a safe and effective 5-day, medically supervised, residential detoxification programme that treats people who have an addiction to heroin and other opiate based drugs including methadone and codeine based painkillers.

We use light sedation, allowing many people to sleep for the first few days of the process. This is followed by naltrexone, the opiate-blocker, for a recommended 12 months; this is available through daily oral medication prescribed by your GP.

We also provide extended 12 and 19-day programmes for those who have additional problems such as underlying mental health problems or other addictions.

“Going to Detox 5 is the best thing I have ever done. Thanks to the programme & all of the amazing people that work there, I’ve been able to turn my life around after a 17 year heroin addiction.” former Detox 5 patient

The five days of the programme are broken down as follows:

Monday – Assessment Day (Day 1)

The team including the Consultant Psychiatrist will take a full history and drug history, measure all base line vital signs including a full physical examination and explain the care plan to assess whether it is appropriate to admit you to the ward.

Once the assessments are completed, you will say goodbye to your family / worker and the medication is introduced. Mobile phones are not permitted on the unit, and visitors cannot usually return until collecting the client.

Tuesday & Wednesday – Sedation Days (Days 2 and 3)

You will be kept in a sedated state throughout days two and three. This means that your sedation level is maintained somewhere between semi-conscious and pain-free but wakeful. You are monitored around the clock by the detox staff to manage the level of sedation and to maintain your safety.

Thursday – Challenge Day (Day 4)

You will be given half a tablet of naltrexone. It is not uncommon at this point to suffer from nausea and vomiting symptoms will be managed with medication.

Friday – Discharge Day (Day 5)

On day five a whole naltrexone tablet (50mg) is given. You will now be opiate-free and this dose starts the blockade that will help to protect you from relapsing.

On discharge day you may not feel 100% fit. At this point the body is starting to work without opiates and is starting to get used to them not being there. It can take several days for the body to deal with these changes.

“I will be ten years clean this coming 22nd of May, after ten years on heroin im finally approaching my ten year clean birthday!! I never got to thank you for saving my life! I am now the proud owner of my very own home, im 8 years in the same full time job.”former Detox 5 patient

Naltrexone Tablets

Following discharge Naltrexone tablets should be taken daily under the supervision of a ‘supervisor’- a relative or friend who does not use drugs.

We recommend that you take a daily 50mg dose of Naltrexone for 12 months after leaving the programme. Many people receive ongoing prescriptions via their GP. Detox 5 can assist you in this regard.

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