Substance Misuse Service

Cygnet Hospital Harrogate offers a range of substance misuse services including opiate and alcohol detoxification and therapy-based interventions for a variety of substances.

The hospital provides a safe, supportive and structured environment where we teach the strategies and skills needed to break the damaging cycle of addictive behaviour. Our approach is compassionate, aiming to help service users maintain abstinence and achieve a sense of personal fulfilment and enhanced quality of life.

Most of our substance misuse services are bespoke depending on individual need. We treat all addictions including the following substances:

  • Opiates
  • Prescription medications
  • Cocaine and other narcotics
  • Ketamin
  • Amphetamines
  • Psychoactive substances
  • Cannabis
  • Performance enhancing substances

In addition to the above we also offer an established treatment package for alcohol addiction.

Dual Diagnosis

Our addictions unit is within a mental health hospital and can successfully treat people with mental health problems alongside substance misuse. All patients are admitted under the care of a Consultant Psychiatrist and are able to withdraw slowly on the mental health ward or spend a period of time on our addictions unit to detoxify and then focus on their mental state for further assessment and stabilisation.


Our fee structures can be tailored to individual requirements. Individual’s may fund their own treatment or take advantage of valid insurance, as our service is recognised by all major private medical insurers.

For more information on our substance misuse services and the funding and referral process please call us on 0800 515282.