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Knole Development Centre

The Knole Development Centre is located in the beautiful rural setting of Cygnet Hospital Godden Green in the Kent Weald. We provide a therapeutic education programme for 12-18 year olds to bridge the difficulties between education, health and wellbeing. Our service has 22 inpatient placements linked to our Tier 4 CAMHS inpatient service.
“At Knole Development Centre our aim is to ensure students are successful following discharge. High expectations of what students can achieve, effective communications with schools and good quality teaching ensure that students continue making academic progress during their stay.

“At discharge, our teaching and clinical staff will provide community teams with the necessary information and advice to ensure an effective transition is made to the next stage of recovery.

“We have created a safe environment where students are encouraged to take risks and challenge preconceptions so they can move forwards and live full, rewarding lives.” Ed Hall – Head of Education

Lessons are taught in one of three classrooms. A large computer suite, an Arts and Crafts room, or a low stimulus room with computer access. We also provide Chromebooks and electronic musical equipment including a keyboard and electronic drums. Students have access to a gym, and an outdoor break area in our landscaped grounds.

Knole Development Centre offer E readers to all students to read while on the ward to encourage literacy. All E readers have a variety of age appropriate books to choose from.

“I enjoy education, it has helped me a lot with my anxiety and I have gained confidence by being around people again.”Student


Key stage 3 & 4

  • English: X4 sessions per week
  • Maths: X4 sessions per week
  • Science: X3 sessions per week
  • Physical Education: X1 session per week
  • Humanities/ Option: X1 session per week
  • Art, Music & ICT: X1 session per week
  • PSHE: X1 session per week

Post Compulsory

  • English: X3 sessions per week
  • Maths: X3 sessions per week
  • Physical Education: X 1 session per week
  • Option 1*: X3 sessions per week
  • Option 2*: X4 sessions per week
  • PSHE: X1 session per week

*Option 1: Science, Humanities, Careers & school linked subjects
*Option 2: Arts, Music, ICT & school linked subjects

Download Term Dates 2019-20
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Download Term Dates 2020-21
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The Knole Development Centre includes the following teaching staff:

  • Wendy – Head Teacher
  • Hannah – English Teacher
  • Andy – Science Teacher
  • Diana – Interim Maths and ICT Teacher
  • Anna – PSHE Teacher/Teaching Assistant
  • Claire – Education Officer and Designated Teacher
  • Collette – Art and Design Technology Teacher
  • Keyleigh – Attendance Officer and Examinations Officer


Wendy Day, Tel: 01732 763491 ext 466
Email: [email protected]
Address: Knole Development Centre, Cygnet Hospital Godden Green, Sevenoaks, Kent, TN15 0JR

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