Referral Line: 0808 164 4450
Referral Line: 0808 164 4450

New Dawn Ward – Female Tier 4 Personality Disorder Service

New Dawn is a Tier 4 Personality Disorder service that provides specialist treatment, care and rehabilitation for women who have been diagnosed with a personality disorder. The services accepts informal admissions as well as women who have been detained under the Mental Health Act.

The service is particularly suitable for women who need:

  • Short-term crisis intervention utilising a Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT) model (i.e. emergency referrals)
  • A longer-term therapeutic treatment programme utilising the principles of DBT with skills coaching and individual therapy

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New Dawn offers a programme that is structured to give service users the opportunity to address and deal with their problems in a safe environment. Each service user has support from a full multi-disciplinary team which includes a consultant psychiatrist, a ward doctor, a nurse, a support worker and an individual DBT therapist.

“When I had extremely difficult times, the team didn’t give up on me and move me on. The DBT the ward taught really helped me.”Service user, New Dawn Ward

Service users can also receive support from a clinical psychologist, dietician and social worker if they should be required.

Assessment and management of risk form a vital part of the programme and these are continuously reviewed using the My Shared Pathway Care Plan Approach, which includes the Recovery Star to target problem areas, such as managing mental health. The programme seeks to enable individuals to use skills to confront their problems instead of using escape behaviours such as overdosing, self-laceration, burning and attempting to commit suicide. Through committing to the programme, service users are supported in identifying and overcoming negative behaviours.

The ward also offers DBT Skills Training each day alongside a Skills Homework Group.


The Occupational Therapy team offers service users a variety of daily activities, including cooking, self-nurturing, creative and walking groups. They also arrange outings and a weekly coffee group, as well as facilitating the use of the computer and the relaxation room.

Other specialist groups run for a set number of weeks, including body image and healthy relationships. On top of this, there is optional yoga and massage. Service users suggest ward activities through a fortnightly community meeting that is attended by both staff and service users. They also attend a weekly ward round. There is also drama therapy with music, and creative therapy.

Discharge and Aftercare

Planning for discharge starts at admission. After discharge, contact will be maintained with the service user’s own community Mental Health Team to offer ongoing support and advice.

We know carers play an important role in the planning of care, and the hospital holds a carers’ group one weekend a month. We also run a monthly leavers group where those individuals who have been discharged can come to the ward and speak about their experiences after leaving the ward. This gives service users an opportunity to talk openly about their fear of being discharged and to receive motivation from those who have already been discharged.

Family therapy is an important part of the treatment programme, and is delivered directly by the specialist Consultant Psychiatrist.

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