Getting Here

The entrance to the hospital site is on Lansdowne Street. However please note that this is pedestrian access only as the car park is accessed via Oxford Street, off Paynes Lane, to the west side of the building site.

Please do not drive down Lansdowne Street as it is a dead end and you cannot access the car park from there. For those using satellite navigation systems, put the crossing of Paynes Lane and Oxford Street into your system, and then on arrival at that destination drive into Oxford Steet (it is very small) and access the Fargo car park. From there you can walk round to the site entrance.

Once inside the site, turn immediately right and access the pedestrian walkway which is clearly signposted to the Cygnet site office. If unclear what to do please call us as it is important that our visitors do not wander about on the building site without the relevant safety equipment. We will come and find you if necessary!