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Andy’s Story

When we first met Andy*
Andy was diagnosed with emotionally unstable personality disorder and was admitted to Cygnet Hospital Clifton from prison. He had on-going and serious self-harming behaviours plus a lack of any meaningful service engagement.

When Andy came to us
The initial admission and containment phase with Cygnet Hospital Clifton lasted three months during which time Andy’s level of challenging, self-harming behaviour and engagement showed sustained improvement, becoming self-managed over the period. Andy’s anxiety was contained and he began to actively engage in dialogue regarding concerns rather than continually resorting to self-harming behaviour.

Andy Today
Andy was discharged from our service nine months later. His self-harming behaviours were no longer evident and before discharge he even became part of our staff recruitment panel. Andy’s advocate read a letter written by him which stated that he had ‘grown up’ and progressed whilst at Cygnet Hospital Clifton. He also mentioned that he now wants to move on and develop a career in fashion and start his life afresh.

*Name changed to protect service user privacy

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