Men’s Low Secure

Cygnet Hospital Bury offers two low secure services – East Hampton and Upper East. Both wards can support men experiencing complex mental illness and/or personality disorder.

The services accept direct admissions from the community, from rehabilitation or acute services and from prison, however many people step down through the internal care pathway from the medium secure services offered at Cygnet Hospital Bury.

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Service users are supported by a dedicated multi-disciplinary team who work with people to assess their needs and create a discharge pathway to the community.

Therapy and activity programmes , including group occupational therapy and psychology input, are tailored to individual needs. The MDT work with service user to identify treatment options including the principles of DBT and options for people to engage in the full DBT therapy programme . A full range of therapy programmes is in place including EMDR, Firesetting, Life Minus Violence, CBT for psychosis, Schema Therapy, SOTP, drug and alcohol addictions and others.

The aim of the service is to support people to move to the community or non-secure services. The average length of stay is between 18-24 months.


Within the building there are en-suite bedrooms, a choice of social and recreational spaces, outdoor space, activity areas and learning kitchens. People can access on-site facilities such as the gym and are encouraged, wherever possible, to access the local community.

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