Serious Incident Report 2014

All providers of NHS funded services are required to be open and transparent with families and patients when things go wrong with their healthcare.

In April 2013 NHS England became responsible for commissioning independent investigations into homicides (sometimes referred to as mental health homicide reviews) that are committed by patients being treated for mental illness. The purpose of an independent investigation is to review thoroughly the care and treatment received by the patient so that the NHS can:

  • Be clear about what – if anything – went wrong with the care of the patient
  • Minimise the possibility of a re-occurrence of similar events
  • Make recommendations for the delivery of health services in the future

In 2015 NHS England commissioned an independent investigation into the homicide of patient B by patient A. The homicide occurred whilst both B and A were inpatients at Cygnet Hospital Bierley.

See below the link to the Executive Summary Report on the NHS England (North) Independent Investigations web page. See also link to Cygnet’s action plan:

Executive Summary Report

Action Plan

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