Bronte Ward – Women’s Low Secure

Bronte Ward provides a service for women aged over 18 with a mental health illness who require an inpatient service in a low secure environment. Service users on Bronte Ward are detained under a section of the Mental Health Act.

With 12 beds in total, Bronte Ward offers recovery-based treatment and rehabilitation for those who have on-going and challenging mental health illness or who may have a dual diagnosis. The aim is to support people towards more independent living environments. We can also support individuals who need assessment and interventions for substance misuse as well as treatment for their psychiatric illness. Most of our patients/ service users have a significant forensic history and we work closely with external agencies (eg,Ministry of Justice, MAPPA).

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Service users are supported by an extensive multi-disciplinary team (MDT), which is ward based and is skilled across a number of different therapies – occupational therapists, clinical psychologists, social workers, substance misuse assistants, a music tutor, technical fitness instructors and activity coordinators, Consultant Psychiatrist, Specialty Doctor and nurses.

“Feeling better in myself with help from staff and know they are helping me alot.”Service user, Bronte Ward

Service users are supported to go to educational courses, and work in local voluntary employment. In this respect the location of the hospital is ideal as it is close to Bradford and major transport links.

A comprehensive psychological assessment and formulation is completed for all service users prior to the initial CPA to inform treatment planning and relational security. Individual and/or group work will then begin to meet the identified needs. This includes work to address offending behaviour with the gaol of reducing risk and supporting recovery.

When a service user is admitted a comprehensive Psychological and Occupational Therapy assessment will be completed. This will include a detailed personal care and management structure programme based on individual and group therapy. There is an emphasis on increasing independent living and focusing on community reintegration.

The therapy programme aims to:

  • Provide rehabilitation tailored to individual needs
  • Identify recovery goals in collaboration with the service user
  • Help service users regain independence by maximising skills potential
  • Work with local services to aid reintegration into the community
  • Balance security and therapy
  • Access to a standardised treatment programme for those with a history of substance misuse is available via individual and group therapy

Dual Diagnosis and Substance Misuse service

Cygnet Hospital Bierley has launched a new evidence-based substance misuse treatment programme. The ‘Find YOUR Way’ programme is Psychology-led and designed to meet the complex needs of service users presenting with substance misuse difficulties, alongside problems with mental health, risk, and offending. To find out more about our Substance Misuse service please click here.


Bronte Ward offers a safe and calming environment. Service users can access outdoor space including secure courtyards, a dedicated activities of daily living (ADL) kitchen, and a variety of activity rooms including an art room and an IT classroom. There is also a fully equipped gym.

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