Referral Line: 0808 164 4450
Referral Line: 0808 164 4450

New Dawn Ward – Female Tier 4 Personality Disorder Service

New Dawn Ward provides a specialist Tier 4 personality disorder service for women using the principles of DBT. Women can be admitted to New Dawn if they are aged over 18, have been diagnosed with personality disorder, exhibit self-harming behaviour and are able to accept the need for help. Service users can be informal or detained under the Mental Health Act.

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The service is structured in two distinct areas, pre-engagement and engagement (New Dawn 1 and New Dawn 2).

Admission is usually to New Dawn 1, where a 12-week period of assessment is undertaken by the members of the MDT in collaboration with the service user, to establish their needs and to determine a suitable treatment pathway. Upon completion of the 12 weeks’ assessment a clear pathway will be formulated with the service user and discussed in their first CPA (Care Programme Approach) meeting.


This is a psychological therapies led service where all members of the MDT use psychological principles to guide their practice.

“This is just a few words to try to explain how grateful we both are. When she first arrived she thought it was a waste of time being there as she said nobody would be able to help her. Well thanks to all your expertise, you have helped her to become the old person from years ago. She is so confident and outgoing now it is great for us to see.”Family member

DBT (Dialectical Behaviour Therapy) is the main programme of therapy. The care pathway is structured in phases which include a comprehensive clinical, psychometric assessment and formulation within 4-6 weeks of admission. Service users who show DBT commitment and motivation will undertake the full programme of DBT.

While the main psychological model is DBT we recognise that this is not suitable for everyone. Therefore, we also provide an adapted programme for service users with cognitive deficits and alternative NICE Guidelines recommended therapies such as CAT and Schema therapies.

“I know that being here has helped me.”Service user, New Dawn Ward

The main programme of therapy is delivered by a full-multi-disciplinary team including psychologists, nurses and doctors who are trained in the delivery of DBT programmes.


Our outcomes indicate that people return to functional lives and their levels of self-harm are reduced or people abstain completely and emotional distress reduced. Over 75% of service users are discharged to low level supportive accommodation or back to the community.

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