Case Study: Robin’s Journey

Robin* was 20 when he came to Cygnet Chesterholme. He had a diagnosis of mild learning disabilities and conduct disorder with significant impairment in social and adaptive functioning. His background was one of dysfunction, chaos, abusive experiences, and neglect. He had a long history of aggressive behaviour, which resulted in the breakdown of education and care placements.

Robin progressed well at Cygnet Chesterholme, managing his aggression and offending impulses so well that eventually he was able to access the local community on an unescorted leave programme. Due to the excellent progress being made by Robin it was deemed appropriate for him to move into the stepdown service at Cygnet Chesterholme, where he was able to enhance and learn new independent living skills. While Robin was in the follow on service, his support focused on a progressive programme, which included money management skills, social skills and interaction, self-care, and productive skills. Robin also secured a work placement.

As Robin neared the end of his care pathway within Cygnet Chesterholme, plans were made for discharge. Robin was discharged from Cygnet Chesterholme and he now resides in his own flat in his home town. This is something Robin once thought would never happen.

*Name has been changed to protect their identity

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