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Yawl – Slow Stream Community Reintegration Service for Men

Gender: Male

Age: 18+

Beds: 6

Yawl is a 6 bed Slow Stream Community Reintegration Service for men affected by an Acquired Brain Injury (ABI). The service offers those affected by an ABI or other neurological conditions an opportunity to maximise their skills through a slower stream approach to Neuropsychiatric Rehabilitation.

Remaining goal focussed and led by an experienced clinical team this unit engages service users to support them to reintegrate back into the community over a 12 to 18 month period when behaviours that challenge remain an integral part of their presentation.

As part of the extensive neuropsychiatric treatment, care and rehabilitation pathway at Cygnet Brunel, the Community Reintegration unit supports service users stepping down from other units located in Cygnet Brunel, as well as accepting external referrals for individuals looking to take the next step in their Neuropsychiatric rehabilitation pathway.

Whilst located within the hospital setting this service offers a less restrictive pathway with a clear focus on accessing the community and maximising opportunities for those individuals needing a longer period of time to reach their goals around independence and community living.

Access to the wider experienced hospital clinical team is still be available through our own internal referral processes with occupational therapy and support workers providing daily input to the programmes set with service users.

Community reintegration is the focus for this unit with all staff supporting the service users to maximise their independence through daily activities and community access. Service users at this unit look to develop personalised goals around activities of daily living, self-medication, laundry and cooking skills as well as managing any historical risks they previously struggled to regulate within a community setting.

Our service user profile:

  • Men aged 18+ affected by an ABI or neurological condition where challenging behaviour is the leading impairment
  • Men with complex presentations who could have co morbid mental health diagnoses, neurological or non-epileptic seizures
  • May be informal or subject to DoLS
  • May have a forensic history
  • With a diagnosis of:
    • Established or suspected Acquired Brain Injury including those sustained through trauma, anoxia, stroke, tumour, virus or infection
    • Specialist Dementia e.g. Frontotemporal Dementia
    • Established or suspected neurodegenerative condition including Huntington’s Disease
    • Alcohol Related Brain Disease
  • Presenting symptoms may include:
    • Dysphasia or other communication problems
    • Dysphagia with or without the requirement of PEG support/modified diets
    • Moderate cognitive impairment
    • Psychiatric disorders including psychoses
    • Post-ictal psychosis
    • Organic personality disorder

Our facilities:

  • Communal lounge and quiet rooms
  • ADL (Activities of Daily Living) kitchen
  • Onsite cooking and laundry facilities
  • En-suite individual bedrooms
  • Accessible bathrooms
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