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Cygnet Brunel

Crow Lane, Henbury, Bristol, BS10 7DP

Cygnet Brunel is a 32 bed service providing neuropsychiatric and neurodegenerative rehabilitation for men with mental health difficulties and acquired brain injury.

Our focus is on creating an environment that engages our service users and sets the tone for recovery. Cygnet Brunel has been designed and equipped with an all-integrated physical environment to aid our service user’s neurobehavioural rehabilitation process. Our specifically designed environment assists the men to manage visual, spatial and perceptual difficulties. There are four wards ensuring that individuals’ needs are met and where appropriate is a care pathway through the service prior to discharge.

Cygnet Brunel is located in Henbury on the outskirts of Bristol, which offers easy access to shops, local libraries, community centres and parks. A perfect blend of real life settings further supporting rapid recovery.

Cygnet Brunel Atrium

We provide a Total Communication Environment at Cygnet Brunel, which informs the ethos and physical environment of the service. Zoned colour ways, advanced picture navigation systems, contrast furniture and other visual cues are used to provide predictability and consistency and reduce confusion for our service users.

We are also able to support admissions for assessment; with a proposed length of stay of 3-6 months, we can work with service users and their teams to determine the individual’s needs and identify a suitable care pathway.

Cygnet Brunel Lounge

Our inter-disciplinary team includes general nurses (RGNs) as well as mental health and learning disability nurses, meaning we are able to effectively support individuals with additional physical health concerns.

Educational and vocational support is key to service users’ recovery, and programmes are tailor-made for individuals, drawing on a variety of external resources.

Our service user centred approach puts the individual at the centre of their own discharge planning. With the right support and our innovative and proactive rehabilitation environment, our aim is to support service users to return to the community or another suitable care pathway placement.

Service User Profile

  • Diagnosis of:
    • Established or suspected acquired or traumatic brain injury, such as hypoxia, stroke, brain tumour, encephalitis
    • Established or suspected degenerative brain condition including dementias
    • Huntington’s disease or other movement disorders, displaying abnormal movements or restricted mobility
    • Alcohol related brain injury / Korsakoff’s syndrome
    • Moderate to severe cognitive impairment
    • Dysphasia or other communication problems
    • Organic psychiatric disorder or organic personality disorder
  • May present with challenging behaviour (aggression, utilisation behaviours or sexual disinhibition)
  • May present with co-morbid psychiatric disorders including psychoses, autistic spectrum or substance misuse
  • May have a forensic history

Our facilities:

  • En-suite bedrooms
  • Therapy kitchen
  • Two spacious gardens
  • Atrium with fish tank and dining facilities
  • Bathroom equipped with hoist
  • Dining room
  • Living room
  • Internet café
  • Gym
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360 Degree Tour

Use your mouse on the video below to have a look around the facilities at Cygnet Brunel.

Cygnet Brunel in the news

Menu tasting at Cygnet Brunel

Menu Taster Day at Cygnet Brunel

On 6th January the team at Cygnet Brunel held a menu tasting afternoon, where meal samples were prepared for tasting by staff, service users and family members to help decide on the forthcoming menu.

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