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Case Study: Dom’s Story

Dom’s* story in his own words a few days before he moved on

When I arrived at Bostall House, I found it was a beautiful place and it was different. Many of the service users were into football and that was very nice because I like football too. What I really liked about Bostall House was getting to know the staff and the other service users. I was a bit quiet at first but I realised that I could do a lot of things. I went out to visit many places in London and the staff were happy to help me.

My key worker helped me to choose my activities and helped me to do a lot of things that I was not doing before. I was able to go to college to do art, cooking and computers. I really enjoy going to college. I want to work in an office or go back to working in the post office, so I sat down with the activity coordinator and she helped me get onto a Maths Level Two course at college. I want to get my GCSE in Maths and English so that I can get a proper job in the community.

I liked it at Bostall House because we went to many places and I am happy I was able to do many things like going to Old Trafford for Manchester United Football Club game. It was the best experience of my life. I also went to BT Sport Studios and the Chase game show. I am now more confident in going out in the community, and making decisions for myself. I am excited and happy about my new place. I will be closer to my mother’s home and if I do well there, I can get my own flat.

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