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Case Study: Rachael’s Journey

Having been an inpatient for almost 6 years, Rachael* came to Cygnet Aspen Clinic in 2018 with a diagnosis of Emotionally Unstable Personality Disorder (EUPD). Rachael was discharged in December 2020 and has written her own personal account of her time at Cygnet Aspen Clinic:

“I have been an inpatient for almost 6 years. I came to Cygnet Aspen Clinic in July 2018 against my wishes, but little did I know that Aspen Clinic would change my life around in such a dramatic way. When I first came to Aspen I was a nightmare, I was on a 5 minute check, my room had nothing in it other than fixed furniture, I wasn’t even allowed a pen or pencil. I was withdrawn, I didn’t talk to anyone and when I did I was shouting and abusive. I didn’t trust anyone and I so desperately wanted to die I tried in any way I could to achieve that, but the staff at Aspen Clinic were very patient with me even when I was shouting and screaming at them.

“Slowly I started to trust them and let them in, I started to let them help me – this was a massive turning point for me. Slowly the feeling of wanting to die was replaced by wanting to live and wanting a future. I started to learn better coping strategies and trusted the staff to help me, I even started to like myself.

“Fast forward just over 2 years and I am now due to be discharged in 11 days! I still like myself, maybe I love me these days too. (I didn’t realise that until right now) I no longer want to die! I am so excited for my future and everything it holds. I know that I put the work in to get where I am, but I couldn’t have done it without the Support Workers, Nurses and the MDT Team.

“Aspen Clinic is the best placement I’ve been in and I think other services could learn from how it works. I have always felt looked after, cared for, validated, respected and listened to.”Rachael

“I’m looking forward to starting my new life but I am going to miss this place! I’m so grateful for everything Aspen Clinic has helped me achieve, coming to Aspen Clinic and working with the staff has literally saved my life. I truly believe that I would not be here if I hadn’t moved to Aspen Clinic, it’s not been easy but I’m finally at the other side.

“I cannot express how amazing the staff here are! They saved me from myself and took the responsibility to keep me safe until I could do it for myself. I will never be able to thank them enough for the way they helped me and the huge impact they’ve had on my life.”

*Name has been changed to protect her identity

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