Cygnet Alders Clinic

155 Podsmead Road, Gloucestershire, GL1 5UA

Cygnet Alders Clinic is a 20 bed rehabilitation service providing assessment, treatment and rehabilitation for women with personality disorder and complex needs.

We provide a specialist psychologically informed personality disorder pathway across three living areas; from Severn, for assessment and stabilisation, through to Avon, where service users move to as they engage and progress with their treatment pathway; and finally Coln, for a focus on community transition.

Cygnet Alders Clinic

Our approach

At Cygnet Alders Clinic we adopt an integrated modular approach to treatment for women with a diagnosis of personality disorder, accounting for diagnostic differences, NICE guidelines and the work of Livesley (2004).

Through this eclectic approach, and with a focus on the importance of therapeutic relationships, we deliver an integrated combination of pharmacologic and psychotherapeutic interventions. The aim is to address the core features of personality disorder: problems with emotional regulation, interpersonal functioning, and self-identity and to prepare the women in our care for a transition to life in the community.

Therapeutic interventions and psychological formulations are tailored to individual need and utilise techniques drawn from major therapeutic orientations such as:

  • DBT
  • CBT
  • CFT
  • MBT
  • Schema Therapy

Our pathway

Service user profile

  • Female, aged 18+
  • Complex mental health needs, challenging behaviours and a primary or secondary diagnosis of personality disorder
  • Subject to a section of the Mental Health Act
  • May have a history of substance misuse or dependency
  • May have experienced regular placement breakdowns
  • Sustained relational and social functioning problems
  • Forensic or non-forensic history
  • Capacity to engage
  • Referrals accepted from Tiers 1-4

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