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Addressing questions about the vaccine

We understand that people still have some questions about the safety and effectiveness of the vaccine. We have listened to concerns raised by our colleagues and spoken with Cygnet Doctors, Board and Cygnet’s Multicultural Network, as well as GPs, community and faith leaders to answer these questions in a Q&A video series.

We have also recorded colleagues from ethnic minority backgrounds speaking about the vaccine in their own words and from their individual points of view.

Our Q&A video series addresses a range of questions covering fertility, religion, vaccine efficacy and safety, side effects and more.

We hope the videos provide reassurance to anyone considering the vaccine. Watch the series below.

The vaccine was rolled out quickly, how do we know it is safe?

Has there been enough research into the vaccine?

Should I wait to see what happens before I get the vaccine?

Can you get Covid-19 after having the vaccine?

The vaccine doesn’t stop me passing it on, so why should I have it?

Why take the vaccine if you’re going to get it anyway?

What are the benefits of having the vaccine?

What are the long term effects of the vaccine?

Are the side effects dangerous?

Does the vaccine affect male fertility?

Does the vaccine affect (male or female) fertility?

Can I have the vaccine if I’m breastfeeding?

Is the vaccine safe for pregnant women?

Initially we were told the vaccine isn’t safe for pregnant women. What’s changed?

Does the vaccine affect periods?

Are there microchips in the vaccine?

How important is it for staff to have the vaccine?

Do Cygnet staff have to get this vaccine?

I’ve heard conflicting evidence about the vaccine in the media. Where can I get reliable information?

What were you reasons for taking the vaccine?

Did you have any fears about having the vaccine? Dr Sohail Zafar

Did you have any fears about having the vaccine? Sharon Cousins, Snr Support Worker

Did you have any fears about having the vaccine? Madeeha Rahim-Rasool, Birmingham & Solihull MH NHS Foundation Trust

Supporting Cygnet’s Muslim community with vaccine information

Is the vaccine Halal or Haram?

Does the vaccine contain alcohol?

Does the vaccine contain gelatin?

What is the Islamic perspective on the vaccine?