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Tuck Shop opens at Cygnet Wast Hills

Some of the service users at Cygnet Wast Hills find going a shop or supermarket environment to be very overwhelming from a sensory perspective, missing key experiences and opportunities to develop life skills. Because of this, the team at Cygnet Wast Hills decided to launch a tuck shop in-house, which opens twice a week. Service users helped to choose the snacks that are to be sold as part of their community meeting. The items consist of healthy options, smaller items and alternatives for those on adapted diets, so snack buying is not always about unhealthy choices.

It has been a huge success! Service users have been able to come into a different environment in the hospital, make independent choices, exchange money and eat their snacks with peers. Service users who are able to have been challenged to test their money skills, working out how much the total should be and what change to expect. This will be developed further by adding a role for a service user to run the tuck shop with staff.

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