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Fairways resident creates botanical artworks

Suman Dewan, Service Manager at Fairways, got in touch to share some beautiful creations from Mark, one of the residents at the service.

Suman said, “Can you picture the most relaxing, inspiring, beautiful room with artwork in your mind?

When it comes to designing the bedroom, there’s only so much you can control. You need a mind to put beautiful pieces together to call it an art. When plants drop their leaves and flowers, most of us see it as nature taking place and leave them untouched for nature to take its cycle.

Engaging people with botanical art is a good way to draw attention to the botanical world and Mark has put his mind together and created an art that I can truly say is a “masterpiece”.

Mark is not only interested in planting plants but also makes good uses of what drops on the ground.

It definitely made my day when I looked at the completed work. Mark is very creative and is always coming up with new ideas.”

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