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Cygnet Redlands is in bloom!

The staff team and service users at Redlands in County Durham have been putting in the hard work to make the garden pretty this summer.

Services users Paul, David and Steven visited a local garden centre with staff to choose the plants they would like for the garden. They choose a high rise planter so that it’s easy to water the flowers and picked out some bright colourful blooms including Fuchsia ‘millenium’, Surfinia Petunias, Dahlia Mystic ‘dreamer’, Geraniums, Upright and variegated Nepeta.

David planted the strawberries and they are now starting to flower so he is hoping to be able to eat them soon!

Service users each take turns watering the plants and they have said it has been a very enjoyable and therapeutic activity for them.

We think they’ve done a fantastic job!

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