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My life at Lowry House

Mark (centre) with Adam and Nicola

This week it is Learning Disability Week and the theme is ‘Living Life with a Learning Disability’. Mark, a resident at Lowry House, our residential service in Hyde, with the help of Service Manager Adam, has written this blog about his life at the service. The illustrations are by Meghan, our Accessible Information Specialist.

Hello everyone I’m Mark,

I have a Learning disability and I have been asked to take part in Learning Disability Week.

I want to show you all the all the wonderful things I do and tell you all about my life at Lowry house. I love my life, I love my all friends (staff), and I know that staff are staff but not to me they are my friends. I love my Family, my two brothers, Mum and Dad but the person I love the most is my Nana, but I have some bad news she died. I think about my Nana every day and I just want to see her again and talk to her, my friends (Staff) tell me that she is always with me in my heart and in my head.

My Nana walked with a stick and I tell the Doctors that I need a stick because my Nana had one but my friends (staff) tell me I don’t need a stick to walk, because I can walk fine. I went to a charity shop once and just bought one and played a joke on all my friends at Lowry House and said the Doctor had given it to me. Adam the Manager said I didn’t need it and he would keep it somewhere safe, come to think of it I never saw that stick again.


I like to buy handbags from the local charity shop and I never the leave the house without one. Sometimes when I stay at my Mum and Dads house, I have a look through all my Mum’s Bags and swap one of hers for mine but I don’t always tell her, and sometimes she gets a little cross with me and Sara the Deputy Manager has to drive the bag back to my Mums house. You know Sara don’t you? She’s the one who prints me all my pictures of my holidays.


But do you want the good news, I’m off to Benidormmmmmmmmmmmmm………….. and you will never guess who’s coming with me, Jane, do you know Jane she use to work at Lowry house but then she moved to Woodrow but Adam has said she’s allowed to go with me, do you know who Jane reminds me of, My Mum they have the same hair, Jane always makes me feel better when I am missing my Nana. I miss Jane!

My friend (staff) Wendy left Lowry House a few weeks ago. She went to work in a prison she told me this something she has always wanted to do. I was sad when Wendy left, Wendy was my keyworker but do you want the good news, Wendy comes back and visits me and we go for a coffee and cake.


I love going out in the community I have 2 Friends (staff) with me and we go shopping, out for dinner, Blackpool, Southport, I go on holiday to Southport and stay over for 2 nights.

I went to Pontins once with Jane and Wendy we had a lovely time Jane wasn’t very happy with the lodge though, so we got moved to a different one, but it’s ok. I told Jane it will be fine and I wasn’t moving again I just wanted to sit and relax and read my magazines, I like the one that has three magazines in one packet but sometimes some of the pictures can make me upset so I ask my Friends (staff) to check them all first and take out anything that might upset me.

Sometime I don’t always understand why I can’t just go out on my own, like I use to when I lived in Eccles but my Mum tells me it’s because I used to get into trouble when I was on my own, but I don’t do that now I’m at Lowry House.

I have a big flat that I love, it’s full of my Bags and Magazines, I do help keep it clean but most of the time I just like to lay down on the sofa and listen to music. I love ABBA and Disco music and I love a good party and a dance.

We do a lot of that at Lowry house and I am really excited to host the Learning Disability Party this week we are doing ours of Friday, and then for more good news we have another party planned for Gay Pride, I am wearing my new wig and having my face painted, Nicola is going to do that for me, she’s very good to me Nicola.

Anyway Ta-Ra Love and as I always say “Get your coat, Get your Bag and Get out your Sacked” But I’m only having joke with you.

Love Mark

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