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Angela’s Journey at Cygnet Wallace Hospital – Part Two

In July we heard from Angela, a service user at Cygnet Wallace Hospital, about her journey so far and goals for the future. This month Angela provides an update about what she’s managed to achieve and what is still to come.

Since my last blog I continue to work hard on my recovery and moving towards leaving hospital and being more independent. I have had many goals to work towards and pleased to say I have achieved each goal I have developed.

This includes using public transport to get around Dundee although I am still being accompanied by staff to do this. I have however had time alone in Edinburgh with my sister on my own for my birthday during which I also met with my brother. It felt so good to spend time with my family and have no staff around me. I felt brilliant about this and am now planning another visit to Edinburgh.

I have also been on a day trip with the occupational therapist to Aberdeen which I travelled by bus. I am currently working towards independence in the community. This has now started as I carry my own money and manage this when I am out and do my own shopping unaccompanied in B&M, Home Bargains, Aldi and Lidl. This has been very helpful for me as I don’t have to rush and I have no one to distract me, allowing me to focus and concentrate on my tasks. I like to browse the shop and this helps me to relax as it is all at my pace. I find the hardest bit is getting all my shopping packed on my own but have found staff in the stores very helpful at this time.

Besides this I have been attending other sessions that are helpful and relate more to my recovery such as mental health recovery and other educational sessions. I am also working on my budgeting skills and understanding benefits etc.

I have recently started a community art class called Doodles. I enjoy this very much and am getting to know new people. I am being accompanied to the group but hopefully this will stop by my next blog. It’s great though that the staff are not coming into the classroom with me. I still continue to paint for leisure and exercise in my room.

I am working towards joining the community gym and hope this starts soon, I am definitely on track to move on sometime after Christmas but also can’t wait until I have an overnight at my sisters at Christmas.

I have also bought my new television and my mum and sister bought me a new mobile phone for my birthday. I am very happy with how things are going and am now working on my next steps that will include buying a desk and chair for my room, a tablet that I have not yet managed to buy as well as continuing to work on my own independence.

I hope you enjoy this blog and my story helps others to work hard on their journey to discharge too as it is hard, hard work and very tiring however I find it is has been rewarding and very important to keep going even on bad days. I will be back next season to fill you all in on how things are going.

Take care and keep up the good work you are all doing.

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