Service Users & Carers - Introduction

Our commitment to service users, carers, families and friends

The care and well-being of those who use our services is at the heart of what we do as an organisation. At Cygnet we are committed to providing the best possible care and support to our service users.

We are aware that carers, family members, friends or partners often provide valuable practical and emotional support to people with ill health or disability. We value and respect the significant role that carers, families and friends can play in the recovery and well-being of our service users and are committed to supporting those that carry out this vital role.

Shared information and confidentiality

The role of carer has a recognised status and can be fulfilled by family members, friends or partners. Carers are able to provide invaluable insight and information that may help the care team who are responsible for the person that is being cared for. Service users have the right to choose how much information we share with carers, family members, friends and partners and we have a duty to respect this right. Sometimes when a service user is unwell they may decide to stop sharing information, we recognise that this might be difficult and we will provide support if this situation arises.


We recognise that visits from carers, family, friends and significant others can have a positive impact on the recovery and rehabilitation of our service users. For further information on visiting please view the visitors’ pages for the hospital that you want to visit. Go to Our Locations and select the hospital that you want.

The Mental Health Act

Many of the service users in our hospitals are with us because they have been detained under a section of the Mental Health Act (1983). Under this act service users have the right to know why they are detained and how long this detention can last.

For information about the Mental Health Act (1983) and the various sections of this Act please visit our Mental Health Act page.

Alternatively, for more information about the Mental Health Act as it relates to the admission of a family member or friend to a Cygnet Hospital; please contact the Mental Health Act Administrator at the admitting hospital.


Together with various psychological and therapy-based approaches, the use of medication is an important element in the treatment of mental health illness. Our service users have access to Patient Information Leaflets (PILs) about any medication they may be prescribed.

For further information about some of the commonly prescribed medications please  visit our Information on Medications page.

Common words and acronyms

For information about what common terms and acronyms mean please visit our Glossary of Terms.

Support for carers

The staff that look after the person that you care for will support you with professional advice and information. We also provide information on a range of support networks on our website to find out more click here.

There are also national networks available which have specific information for carers, family and friends please see links below:

Compliments and complaints

We value and encourage feedback from our service users and those that support them. For information on how to provide us with feedback click here.

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