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Chamberlain Ward: Men's Acute Service for Detained Patients

Chamberlain Ward is a 15-bed acute service for men who have been detained under the Mental Health Act. It provides a safe environment for service users experiencing an acute episode of mental illness that requires assessment and stabilisation. Through working with our NHS partners, the nurse-led clinical team provides a high standard of care. Our programmes encourage service user involvement and participation, and are designed to speedily help the individual stabilise, recover and return home.

The facilities that we offer are particularly robust and conducive to manage complex and challenging mental health presentations and as such offers a complimentary service to Cygnet's acute mental health services for men.

We provide a 24hr, seven day week admissions service with a manager on-call to take bed enquiries and respond to assessment need within 1 hour.

Core Values & Philosophy of Care

Our recovery based approaches aim to:

  • Enable service users to take a lead in the planning and delivery of care.
  • Ensure continuity of care through collaborative working with service users, their families and commissioners of service.
  • Promote improvements in mental health recovery, encouraging early intervention and developing relapse prevention coping strategies.

Our nurse led model of treatment and care includes an immediate physical and mental health assessment upon admission; as well as a clinical risk assessment that informs the immediate care plan. With the added benefits of a consultant psychiatrist and associate specialist our service is further enhanced through a referral based model of approach too members of the hospital psychology and therapy departments for any individual assessments or treatments that may be identified during early assessment.

Using Cognitive Behavioural based therapies, we support service users to address their psychological needs and promote recovery that can be sustained in the community.

Care Pathways

Our Cygnet wide integrated care pathway option ensure that people can be transferred and moved through, back to the community as quickly as possible, working with service users on their recovery journey.

Admission Criteria

  • Male
  • Aged 18 years or over
  • Detained under provisions of the Mental Health Act
  • Primary diagnosis or suspected diagnosis of mental illness with acute symptoms
  • Service users experiencing severe mental health crisis

Exclusion criteria

  • Informal patients
  • Primary diagnosis of learning disability
  • Individuals under the age of 18 years

Why Refer to Chamberlain Ward?
  • We aim to respond to all referrals within one hour of receipt of adequate clinical information.
  • Secure transport pick up available upon request.
  • Ability to actively work with service users at the challenging end of the acute spectrum, due to robust environment and high staffing levels.
  • Operates as part of the Cygnet’s national PICU and acute network, linking into Cygnet’s PICUs if a step-up is required, and Cygnet’s open acute wards if a step-down is required.
  • Close links with referring NHS teams maintained to keep length of stays to as short as possible.

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