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  • Cygnet Hospital Godden Green
  • Godden Green, Sevenoaks, Kent, TN15 0JR
  • Tel: 01732 763 491
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At Cygnet Hospital Godden Green, we operate an integrated Tier 4 Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS) with an Ofsted registered school, the Knole Development Centre. Our specialist pathway offers an open acute admissions service (Knole Ward), and a pre-discharge wing to allow for a smooth transition for patients returning home to their families.

    Services at Godden Green

    Facilities and Care

    Our multi-disciplinary team, led by consultant psychiatrists, includes psychotherapists, psychologists and specialist health nurses, all of whom are fully trained and accredited. We incorporate many proven models of treatment, as well as services aimed at helping individuals cope with particular circumstances, such as relationship and family therapy.

    Through our programmes, people learn strategies and techniques to manage their own problems effectively. By gaining greater insight, they learn to recognise their own personal needs and how to meet them. It is this philosophy of self-empowerment that helps individuals take control of their lives, recover and remain well.

    Set in the beautiful rural setting of the Kent Weald, our hospital at Godden Green provides a safe, tranquil environment, where individuals can receive the expert support they need, to make the necessary changes to their health.

    Why Refer to Cygnet Hospital Godden Green?
    • The Clinical Governance Group perform monthly reviews to ensure full compliance with CQC Standards.
    • Service user satisfaction scores exceed 70% - our minimum standard for service user satisfaction.
    • We offer each of our inpatient service users more than 25 hours of therapy from a wide range of therapeutic activity each week.
    Latest Godden Green News
    • 05/03/15 : Service users organising events 'For Us & For You' Cygnet Hospital Godden Green has launched a new service user led project that aims to reach out to others through a series of monthly events that will raise money for charity. The project has been named 'Cygnet For Us & For You'.
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    • 23/07/14 : HMS Godden Green sets sail for Brazil On Friday 18th July Cygnet Hospital Godden Green turned into HMS Godden Green and set sail for Brazil, the first leg of their 'World Cruise'. With the assistance of the catering, occupational therapy and education staff a Brazilian themed barbecue was put on with service users getting involved preparing decorations and the drinks menu.
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