Cygnet Hospital Beckton

  • Cygnet Hospital Beckton
  • 23 Tunnan Leys, Beckton, London, E6 6ZB
  • Tel: 0207 511 2299
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Cygnet Hospital Beckton is a gender specific hospital for women with complex mental health needs. We accept emergency and planned, pre-assessed admissions. We provide a multi-disciplinary approach, to help service users return home as quickly as possible.

In addition to the pathway of female services provided by Cygnet Hospital Beckton, the hospital is also part of a larger network of female services provided by Cygnet Health Care, including medium secure, locked challenging behaviour and locked rehabilitation options. 

Services at Beckton

  • New Dawn Ward - Personality Disorder Service offering DBT interventions in a locked environment. Enabling change that matters to you.
  • Bewick Ward - Complex care & Recovery. Adults with forensic associated mental health needs. Empowerment, autonomy & responsibility.
  • Hooper Ward - PICU providing supportive individualised care and treatment for acutely disturbed service users. Stability & Hope.
  • Hansa Ward - Locked Learning Disability Service. Accepts referrals for detained and informal service users. Care and treatment is designed for service users whose needs are best met in a specialist setting. Ability through understanding.

Facilities and Care

At Beckton we offer exceptionally high standards of care and facilities in an attractive, well maintained therapeutic environment. All of our bedrooms are en-suite; we also have an enclosed garden, plus several balcony areas, accessible 24 hours a day.

Other facilities include a fully equipped, air-conditioned gym, two occupational therapy kitchens and telephone conference facilities.

Our aim is to help each service user recover and integrate back into their community, as quickly as possible. We have a multi-disciplinary team of specialists and offer a very broad range of therapies.

From the time of admission, our team is already planning each service user’s discharge, through care plans and assessments. Some service users are transferred back to their local NHS hospital if a bed becomes available. Others stay with us until they can return home, with appropriate follow-up.

Why Refer to Cygnet Hospital Beckton?
  • We are a leading provider of Gender Sensitive Services providing Specialised Care Pathways for Women.
  • Managed Care Pathways used to improve clinical effectiveness & shorten lengths of stay.
  • Patient Related Outcome Measures - Ensuring continuous improvements of service user experience.
Latest News
  • 04/09/15 : Cygnet Hospital Beckton's Fun Week To mark the transition to a new therapy timetable, and to give service users a break from their usual weekly therapy routine, the Occupational Therapy department at Cygnet Hospital Beckton recently held a Fun Week.
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  • 30/06/15 : Cygnet Hospital Beckton Celebrates Pride Cygnet Hospital Beckton celebrated LGBT Pride with an inter-ward event aimed at the education and celebration of the LGBT community in the unit. The event was jointly facilitated by Activity Co-ordinator, Jackie Petersen, and one of the service users from the hospital's New Dawn Ward.
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  • 22/06/15 : Service users enjoy a visit to Colchester Zoo On Thursday 18 June service users from Cygnet Hospital Beckton's Hansa Ward enjoyed a day out at Colchester Zoo. The zoo trip was a great opportunity for the service users to use and build on their communication skills to find out different facts about the animals.
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